InMobi (mKhoj) India’s 1st successful Unicorn | Naveen Tewari’s (mKhoj)

InMobi an Indian Ad-Tech Start Up Ad-Tech sector as the name itself suggests is formed by the addition of two words  In-Mobi (mKhoj), a multinational mobile ADTECH platform based in India, was previously known as mKhoj. Its platform is optimized for mobile devices and enables brands and developers to connect with consumers through contextual and … Read more

Top 30 Commonly used Startup terms every entrepreneur should know

Startup terms

When embarking on the journey of starting a new business, seeking capital from investors is a pivotal step. Effectively conveying your company’s purpose and vision demands fluency in the language of the startup ecosystem, commonly referred to as startup lingo or jargon. When presenting your business to potential investors, it’s not only about explaining what … Read more